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Header / Cover Image for 'Support'


Most of my work is completely free and accessible to anyone. In fact, I made a promise long ago to never use ads, or require accounts, or do any other (nasty) tricks. And I keep my promises!

For example, you can visit my games website and get fifty games for free. My Saga of Life project has an incredible amount of free short stories, and was designed to be fun and easy to read on any device. My tutorials website has free high-quality courses on many subjects.

As such, I maintain many expensive websites and earn absolutely nothing from it. That’s why I ask you for support, however you can!

Free Support

The “free” support is obviously giving feedback and telling others. Even today, with the internet, most people buy books because they were told about or alerted to them personally.

Most people won’t buy a book unless it has enough reviews. And even when a project of mine received a lot of eyeballs, it was extremely rare that somebody gave me feedback on it.

Giving me your honest thoughts, giving me some word-of-mouth or extra marketing, is worth its weight in gold.


After a few messy years, I settled on Patreon as my main donation source and my “newsletter”.

I post all new releases and updates there. You can follow for free, as long as you have an account. You can also subscribe to one of several tiers to give me a small monthly donation.

Support me on Patreon!

Why was it messy before? Because I do so many different things, I had 5 different systems at one time, all of which didn’t communicate with each other. Once I cleaned it up and used one newsletter provider … it went out of business. And so did the next one I used.

Patreon is the most stable, popular and trusted service I could find. It also supports my needs.


I also have accounts on the other two “big artist support websites”.

You can support me on Ko-Fi.

Support me on Ko-Fi!

Or maybe you want to support me on Buy me a Coffee.

Buy me a Coffee!